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UUnit testing using Typescript and Mocha

2016-05-052 Min Read — In code

Not long ago I wrote a post on how to setup testing using Mocha, Chai, Karma, Webpack, Sinon and TypeScript and although this is something I still use today, using karma and Webpack might be an…

FFunctional JavaScript - Composition

2016-04-258 Min Read — In code

Composition is a nice way of reusing existing functions to create new ones. Each of those functions will act on some data that is passed by as an argument, transforming it and then returning it so…

LLinting TypeScript with Webpack

2016-04-073 Min Read — In code

Linters are an excellent way to enforce some structure and to help avoid errors. If you have never used a linter, you're missing on a set of great tools that will assist your team to write better code…