My favorite TED Talk

2013-07-231 Min Read — In career

Even today, after many TEDs listened and watched, my favorite is still one from 2007.

Ben Dunlap: The life-long learner

Watch it first, then we'll talk:

Several lessons can be drawn from this video. I could focus on how one became a Holocaust survivor, or on the way a person decided to deal with someone who was stealing your stuff and decided to see the best in people, or even how to deal with cultural differences in the corporate world.

But I'll take the clearest one, that is the final lesson. If two people with so much knowledge, at the stage of life in which they were found in the story told, with so much passion for knowledge, no matter what kind of knowledge, why me, who don't know almost anything about life should act differently?

Mahatma Ghandi

Live each day as if it is your last, learn as if you'll live forever.

So there it is, from time to time, I like to watch this video to remind me of that.

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