Back in the web game

2015-08-071 Min Read — In career

So, the last time a posted something on this blog it was almost two years ago. And, although I kept learning new things during this time, I didn't really feel like writing.

For one thing, I really took some (long) time to do other things, like, for instance, I discovered a new hobby that I love: board gaming.

But the main reason is that I was not working (on my daily job) with web technologies. I've worked some time with BizTalk and for almost two years, with WPF. And, I may not dislike WPF, but I really don't enjoy it much either. So, from time to time, I wrote some pet projects to keep myself up-to-date with the new stuff on web technologies.

Now, I'm back working with web technologies and the moment couldn't be better, ES2015 was approved, ASP.NET 5 is completely changed, open sourced and is now multiplatform. Also, every day there's a new JavaScript library being created (not sure yet if this is a good thing).

So yeah, this is a fun time to be a web developer, especially if you're like me and love to learn new things!

So what's my plan for this blog? First, I decided to write only in English. For a while, I wrote both in English and in Portuguese, but it's too much work to keep doing that, so I decided to drop the version in Portuguese and keep only the English version.

As for the content, I'll try to dive deep into ES2015 (formally known as ES6), HTML5 and some new (or not so new) JS frameworks. I hope that can help others learning the same technologies I'm learning because it will most definitely help me keep them in my brains if I write it down here.

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