We are all professionals after all

2015-11-243 Min Read — In career

First, let me give you some context, and bear with me for a moment, I'll make a point.

I'm a basketball fan, I love watching NBA games and most of all, I'm an Orlando Magic fan. Talking about the Orlando Magic, in 2009 the team went to the NBA finals and lost. After that, the team was not able to get back to the finals and eventually in 2012 it traded its superstar and entered in rebuilding mode. The three seasons after the trade were all about acquiring young talented players, getting some experience, and also, the team lost a lot of games. Actually it was the team that lost the most during those three seasons.

Now enter the 2015-2016 season and with it a new coach (Scott Skiles). One of the main reasons advertised for changing coaches is because they don't want that the young team gets used to losing. For the past three years, one thinks we always heard after a loss was: "we lost, but we're young and we're learning".

That's true, they're young and they're learning, but management is paying for them to learn and fans are paying for tickets, merchandising, etc. And, the fear is that the excuse or culture of losing would become a habit and they don't want that. After all, a team is not just a team is a business.

As a fan (and I am really a fan), I understand the rebuilding process and that it takes time, but after a while I got tired and frustrated with that. And, also I don't want to talk to friends about how my team is losing, but learning a lot in the process.

I want to see my team win, I want to see them being great at playing basketball so I'll be entertained.

If, by any chance you're a fan of some sort of sport, be that basketball, soccer, hockey or whatever and you're a fan of a team, I'm pretty sure you understand what I'm saying.

Now take a look at the first 2 minutes and 20 seconds from this video from a few days ago, where coach Scott Skiles talks about his team.

Imagine you as a fan of this team, don't you love this guy, pushing his players to get better and also holding them accountable for their interest, or lack of interest? Yeah, I want to see my team playing their best players, the ones that are really trying to bring a win back home.

Now, he's talking about character, he's talking about guys working and working hard to get better. He's also talking about having high standards, so they're trying to win the game and if you're sluggish he's going to look somewhere else to try to win that game.

Yeah, I love to hear that from the coach of my team!!

But wait a minute and here's where I start to make my point. Those players, they're not just "players", they're professionals. Yeah, sure, they're professional players, but then again they're professionals. And, we as fans of a team, want them to be better so our team can win.

Now as fans, we can consider ourselves clients of that team because in some way we're giving them money, may that be by buying tickets, by buying merchandise or by watching the game on TV.

So here I am asking myself and you, what is the difference? Don't we all have to try to be better professionals? Don't our clients have the right to expect that we will work hard to be better and win the game for them?

By the way, professionals have to practice to get better. They don't get better just by showing to the game. In the same way, we cannot expect to get better only when we're shipping code to production, we have to practice.

One last question, should we be sent to the bench because we're not performing very well?

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