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Talking about ES15: classes

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JavaScript has always been an object-oriented language. It never had a class definition, but the same behavior could be achieved using constructor functions and the prototype object.

Talking about ES2015: destructuring

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Destructuring is a new feature in ES2015 which allows us to declare or assign values to variables. It’s a very powerful way of doing that. It might sound a little confusing at first, but it really is very simple once you tried a few times.

Back in the web game

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So, the last time a posted something on this blog it was almost two years ago. And, although I kept learning new things during this time, I didn’t really feel like writing.

Installing a development machine with two commands

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Recently I had to prepare two development machines, a new notebook with Windows 8 and a VM running Windows 7 and honestly, as much as I like a new machine, wasting a lot of time installing applications and configuring them is not something I find entertaining. Besides, there are always some things that I’m not used to doing every day, and by the time I need to do it, I don’t remember how. For instance, how do I generate an RSA key for use with ssh?