Hi, I'm Thiago

I'm a developer and I love to code. I also love to learn about code, discuss it and teach what I learn.

Latest stories

TTypeScript and the Power of the Unknown

2019-07-15 - 4 Min Read - In code

TypeScript is a language that is moving forward really fast and sometimes is hard to keep up with it, there are so many features being released constantly, that we may be missing some really important…

HHandling nulls in C# the right way

2017-01-31 - 7 Min Read - In code

Working with the possibility of null in any language that allows it, sucks. It's tedious, and there's boilerplate code involved, it's not fun and error prone.Luckily for those who write C#, there's a…

PPluralsight = fn -> JS >> Ramda

2017-01-12 - 1 Min Read - In presentations

The course I produced for PluralSight is live!!This course will introduce you to the basics of functional programming in JavaScript including what pure functions are, currying, composition, and how to…

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