Hi, I'm Thiago

I'm a developer and I love to code. I also love to learn about code, discuss it and teach what I learn.

Latest stories

RReal Immutable Types With TypeScript

2020-03-07 - 4 Min Read - In code

When writing TypeScript there's a pretty easy, simple solution to create immutable objects and it doesn't involve adding third-party libraries.There! There you go, that's all that you need.Before I…

RReliable React With F#

2019-10-25 - 1 Min Read - In presentations

The past Thursday I gave a talk at a local React meetup called Ottawa ReactJS. The talk was about how to use Fable, Elmish and F# for a more reliable React application.The title of the talk was…

TTypeScript and the Power of the Unknown

2019-07-15 - 4 Min Read - In code

TypeScript is a language that is moving forward really fast and sometimes is hard to keep up with it, there are so many features being released constantly, that we may be missing some really important…

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