Hi, I'm Thiago Temple

Hello, I'm Thiago Temple, a Brazilian currently residing and working in Ottawa, Canada. You can reach me on Twitter or via email.

What I do?

I am a staff developer at Shopify, primarily focused on programming with web-related technologies.

Why I do it?

My fascination with computers dates back to the 90s, even before my family purchased our first computer. At the age of 13, I would utilize my neighbor's computer. Today, I am passionate about the art of software development and thrive on the challenge of staying updated with the latest technologies. The constant evolution of technology is a major driving force for me, along with the knowledge that the software I help build contributes to enhancing people's productivity.

Why this blog?

This blog serves as an opportunity for me to practice and reinforce what I am learning. As the saying goes, teaching others is one of the most effective ways to solidify one's understanding. Or even if I am not teaching anyone, I am documenting for my future self. Additionally, I am eager to share the new things I learn and contribute to the community by sharing my experiences.

What I do for fun?

Living in Canada, I have discovered a new passion due to its harsh winters: board games. I now thoroughly enjoy them and have been steadily growing my collection.

Board games collection

Additionally, I indulge in watching a few TV shows and always have at least one book on the go

However, one thing I cherish the most is spending quality time with my family. I am married and a proud father of a two kids, as well as the owner of two very active greyhounds.

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