Who am I?


My name is Thiago Temple, I'm Brazilian and I'm living and working in Ottawa/Canada. You can reach out to on twitter  and my email.

What I do?

I work at SurveyMonkey as a software engineer and for most of the time I'm programming with web and mobile related technologies.

Why I do it?

Even before my family bought its first computer back in the 90's, I was already fascinated by them. I used to use my neighbour's computer when I was still 13.

Today, I love the craft of writing software, and especially I love the challenge of being up to date with new technologies. I'm sure the fact that technologies are constantly changing is one of the major things keeping me motivated. That and the fact of knowing that people are becoming more productive because of software I'm helping build.

Why this blog?

First, this is a way for me to practice what I'm learning. People tend to say that one learns something when she's trying to teach somebody else. Well, I think that's true.

I'm also enthusiastic about new things I learn that I want to share it. So, this is my contribution the community. Sharing my experiences.

What I do for fun?

Living in Canada with its hard winters made me discover a new passion: board games. Now I love them and I have a somewhat growing collection: 

Board games collection

I also watch a few TV Shows, and I'm constantly reading at least one book.

But one thing I love to do is to spend time with my family. I'm married, father of one little girl and two very active greyhounds.